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Why EVERYONE should be wearing this on their wrist right now.


Connecticut-based YOO Fitness has just launched an update to its flagship product, the RX Waterproof Sleep + Activity Wristband and it’s a single feature all of need and should start using right now.

The YOO Fitness set out a goal 7 years ago to bring a feature-rich Bluetooth Smart wristband to the market that made fitness and wellness monitoring affordable for everyone. But that was only the beginning and with the latest updates the RX boasts a rare combination of benefits that speak to all of us. 

The first thing most people notice when unpacking the RX is the buttonless exterior. No buttons at all and that design decision is what enables the wristband to be waterproof. The module is sonically sealed and operated by finger touch so not only is it the easiest device to use but also you’ll never have to take it off. 

Charging the RX reveals a benefit that takes nearly two weeks to fully appreciate. Unlike many smartwatches this one charges in an hour and stays powered for up to two weeks. When it comes to creating new routines and healthy habits there’s nothing more interruptive than having to remove your tracker to shower or for power. 

Little benefits can also go a long way especially for those of us whose eyes don’t work quite as well as we wish they would. So many brands display personal stats stacked vertically to cram as much information onto a tiny screen. The RX is the opposite and each screen display is positioned horizontally and oversized so the wearer can view their information easily and clearly. That may seem like to small thing to some but when you use a product all day everyday it really matters. 

Now let’s get into some of the features that make the RX a special gift for yourself or others. The one thing all of us have in common right now is the shared experience of a global pandemic. And while we hope the light is at the end of the tunnel there are several smart actions we can do to right now. One of them is to wash our hands and do so thoroughly. Health officials recommend everyone wash their hands regularly for 20 full seconds. Since that’s a longer time period than most realize it’s been recommended that people sing the Happy Birthday song twice or other favorites like Row, Row Your Boat. While that might be sound advice in the short-term there must be a better way. And RX Wristband shows us there is. 

Available now at www.YOOChallenge.com the RX includes a brand new function called SoapCoach. It’s an elegant and simple 20 Second Count-Down Timer integrated right into your screen navigation so it’s always ready to go when you need to wash up. And since the display is on your wrist while you are washing your hands you’ll never have to sing those silly songs again. Unless you want to. And if you choose not to look at your wrist while scrubbing away the SoapCoach gently vibrates to let you know that 20 seconds has elapsed and you are done.

Another amazingly simple yet highly useful tool on the RX is the 7 Everyday Smart Alerts that you can tap in the YOO+ app and change anytime. One can set general hourly reminders to do things like wear a mask, wash hands or watch your distance. Or specific alerts to take a medication or walk the dog. In a new world of online learning it takes only minutes to set personal notifications for upcoming student classes. And the alerts can be specific to each day since we all know no two are alike. 

Certainly the RX Wristband includes all the fitness and wellness functions one would expert in a first-class tracker but it’s all the little user-experience elements that set this device apart. Step-tracking is job one for any fitness wearable and the RX shines with its False Step Filtering technology to be sure you’re not accumulating steps while driving in a car, talking with your hands or even stirring a pot. This may be a detraction for some but accuracy counts.

https://youtu.be/k-J_IsAVnKIAnother welcome feature is the Daily Active Time Monitor. The RX keeps track of every minute in the day that it detects the user was physically moving. During a period when so many are challenged by lock-downs, quarantine, closed gyms and restricted lifestyles some of us really need simple tools to get us up off the coach and moving. The marathon can wait until next year.   

So what do you get for only $69.99 when you make the RX choice? All of this…..

  • Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Touch Display and Auto-Sync to the YOO+ app
  • High-Definition OLED display for easy viewing in daytime and low light conditions
  • Automatic sleep tracking including total sleep time, light sleep and deep sleep.
  • Monitoring of total daily minutes of physical movement
  • Daily step tracking with False-Step filtering
  • Daily distance traveled displayed in either standard or metric calculations
  • Personal calories-burned from your daily movement
  • Smart Notifications including incoming phone call, texts, email and calendar events.
  • SoapCoach 20 Second Hand Washing Timer
  • Up to 7 custom personal alerts (programmable from the YOO+ app)
  • Built-in clock and date
  • Adjustable wrist strap designed to fit all wrists
  • Up to 14 day battery life on a single charge
  • Waterproof (to a depth of 5 meters)
  • Compatible with IOS devices 4S and later and Android 4.4 or later


YOORX | Fitness and Activity Tracking Device

These days so many brands and manufacturers are packing more and more complicated functions into trackers that many don’t understand, need or use it’s great to know there’s at least one brand, YOO Fitness that’s keeping it simple, providing the most relevant features for the world we live in right now and making a product like the YOORX Waterproof Sleep + Activity Wristband truly affordable for everyone. 


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YOO RX - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4bp7FOUzfM


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