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YOOZZ Sleep and Activity Tracker

$ 29.99

Get Your ZZzzz with YOO!

YOOZZ Sleep and Activity Band is designed for the person who wants 24-hour lifestyle tracking with viewable stats right from the wrist without the need or requirement for smart phone connectivity. In a world of complex technology and endless features, YOOZZ is an expression of simplicity and easy-to-use functions. A tap-touch screen displays steps, distance, calories-burned, time-of-day and sleep quality and duration. And for those who want to take the YOO Challenge, simply enter your YOOZZ daily step-count into the YOO app to power up the New YOO in the race against the Old YOO. YOOZZ also features a 4-month replaceable battery and a size adjustable strap to fit any wrist.

YOOZZ Specifications:

  • 3Axis Accelerometer for highly accurate motion detection
  • Tap-activated digital display for on-wrist viewing
  • Tracks sleep, minutes-moved, steps, distance & calories
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Adjustable wrist strap designed to fit all wrists
  • 4 month consumer-replaceable battery
  • Product weight: .60 ounces

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    The Story of YOO



    Take the YOO Challenge

    YOO isn’t just an activity tracker that serves up the same dull data in an app day after day. It’s the ultimate fitness challenge because you compete against yourself. In the YOO Challenge the New YOO competes against the Old YOO in an ongoing race. The New YOO represents the motivated version of ourselves that sets and achieves personal goals. The Old YOO represents the unmotivated version of ourselves that succumbs to laziness and bad habits. In the game of YOO the New YOO is awarded points when you are active and meet our fitness goals. The Old YOO however earns points when you miss those same goals. The result is an ongoing race against yourself designed to be a daily reminder to not only embrace our New YOO but also to be mindful that the Old YOO exists in us as well. Achieving and maintaining permanent lifestyle changes requires a daily commitment and YOO Fitness is dedicated to raising awareness to the ever present struggle between our better and worse versions of ourselves. So take the YOO Challenge and find the New YOO in you.


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